Tahmina Begum

tahmina begum lfw bog

The vibrantly gorgeous Tahmina Begum has a style I thoroughly adore, every time I see this raven-head beauty I feel instantly aesthetically fulfilled. Well done this girl, well done. Tahmina co-edits XXY Magazine, and blogs over at Maximalistmina – check them both out for sartorial and general aesthetic inspo. This illustration is from when I bumped into her at LFW in Feb, and her outfit is everything I love; a bit of kooky, a lot of playful, most pretty. She is the queen of championing up-and-coming design, and this outfit features Phiney Pet sequin tasseled jacket and Cassandra Verity Green wave top/skirt, two designers I have now fallen head over heals for! Always accessorising to perfection (note the gorge hand jewellery, choker/cherry necklace and eye-heart sticker), and occasionally joining me in the eye-dot makeup = more reasons to be even more partial to her charms. Can’t wait to meet up with this lady soon to see what she’ll be wearing xx