Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell

stylesiblings lfw tsd

Long have I wanted to illustrate these Supersiblings, these Stylesiblings,

Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell.

I had the pleasure of meeting them at the Velsvoir presentation during LCM in January, and promised an illustration.

Then I spotted them looking too fabulous for words during LFW.

And somehow my reference photos of them have turned out terrible.

Like, really terrible.

So I have helped myself to an image by Dapper Lou in order to complete the task, I hope you don’t mind Mr Lou.

The designer/style consultant sister and brother lead the way in Modern Dapper, pure Dandy and Dandyzette,

and I cant wait to see what they’ll be wearing come next LCM/LCF.

And how much do I lust after her HAT?!?

A lot.



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