I am the style drawer

About Me / The Style Drawer

I am a great admirer of someone who portrays true style, glamour and flamboyance, and I love love scanning the streets or the media for such gems, and sharing them with you. The traditional medium for a style blog is the photograph, it is indeed the most accurate and objective. But I’m a drawer at heart, and I love the feel of sharp pencils and plush pens against crisp paper. Style is also a truly personal expression, and by some, fabulous art is created. How we perceive art is also personal, subjective, and by illustrating the style gems that I come across, I can more easily share with you my own delight and appreciation, my own perception and experience.

In addition I will share with you some drawings of desirable objects, amazing design, beautiful faces, glamorous scenarios, and kooky animals – a complete collection of what I find fabulous, glamorous, and simply irresistible.

So I will draw.

I am the Style Drawer.

I hope you enjoy xx

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