Highlights from the LCM Shows

London Collections: Men has been and gone.

And I miss it.

But here is a snippet of some of the LCM shows to keep us all going to LFW

Read full reviews of the shows over at XXY Magazine, where I am currently illustrator in residence


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Joshua Kane

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Pause Online presents: Chelsea Bravo, Bianca Saunders, Calum Whitley, Ruth Peterson.

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Showroom highlights: Modern English, CSB London, Rachel James

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Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell

stylesiblings lfw tsd

Long have I wanted to illustrate these Supersiblings, these Stylesiblings,

Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell.

I had the pleasure of meeting them at the Velsvoir presentation during LCM in January, and promised an illustration.

Then I spotted them looking too fabulous for words during LFW.

And somehow my reference photos of them have turned out terrible.

Like, really terrible.

So I have helped myself to an image by Dapper Lou in order to complete the task, I hope you don’t mind Mr Lou.

The designer/style consultant sister and brother lead the way in Modern Dapper, pure Dandy and Dandyzette,

and I cant wait to see what they’ll be wearing come next LCM/LCF.

And how much do I lust after her HAT?!?

A lot.


Prince Cassius at LCM

You cannot miss Prince Cassius at LCM. He is the one with the always-immaculate-‘Fro, and always-immaculate outfit.

Im not sure this gent even owns a single pair of comfy-pants.

It was lovely to see a lot more DB action in the suit department this year, and more accessories, like the tie-pin, an understated favourite of mine.

I look forward immensely  to see what sartorial gems Mr PC will be sporting during LFW!


prince cassius lcm15 blog

LCM Velsvoir AW15

Nothing spruces up a cold and bleak January like an influx of stylish men! It can only mean LC:M.

It was the usual glorious 4 days of jam-packed peacocking, and I will share with you some of my favourite outfits over the next week or so.

It may serve as a nice band-aid for the dapper-withdrawal we are all experiencing.

First on the list is the LCM Velsvoir AW15 presentation at the beautiful Edition hotel, fabulous as always, I love the direction this luxury/bespoke brand is taking.

Shawl collar double breasted waistcoats, what’s not to adore!?!

See more of the brand and their collection on their website and instagram


velsvoir aw15 blog


Velsvoir x Library – Tawa Tanye

velsvoir library crossies blog

Luxury accessory label Velsvoir have made some most dapper uniforms for the staff at new private members club Library in London, and recently had a superb soiree to celebrate, inviting the best-dressed gentlemen London had to offer. Flying the flag for the fabulous Velsvoir cross-braces is Mr ‘My-outfit-is-better-than-yours’ himself, Tawa Tanye. Let’s not focus too much on his hair, because I would simply get lost in praising superlatives. Sufficient to say, it is awesome. So let’s focus on his outfit, which is FANtastic. Braces aside, I love the neck-tie lusciousness, and the texture of his jacket, and the superbness of the shiny brogues. Considering the occasion, location (Library), the fact that it was at the closing of LFW, and the type of gentlemen the Timol brothers consider friends and aquintances, it was a sartorial candy-store of an evening to be sure, yet this man stood out by a mile. *Applause*


Mr Tanye is the manager of the gorgeous Oscar Wilde bar, check it out

and be sure to follow on Instagram @tawatanye and @velsvoir

LWF Day 2 – Deigh Alexander

deigh alexander lfw day2 tsd blog

This is the final street-style illustration from London Fashion Week. It was all over long ago, yet I’ve been clinging on via coloured pencils and pens, to the fabulous richness and sumptuousness of it all. And what an outfit to sign it all off with! Few men properly rock the socks in pink, and even fewer look this sh*t hot in a pink suit. For those who are wondering why it looks so amazing, take a few notes: Apart from having a great physique, it makes a huge difference how your suit is tailored. Note the slim fit, the pocket details, the narrow sleeves and the tapered not too short/not too long trousers. Men’s style is sometimes quite subtle, and what sets it apart from mediocre will all be in the details, so if you want to look sharp you gotta get them right. So take a little bow, or at least a little nod from where your sitting, to Mr Deigh Alexander Smith; Model agency founder, model, photographer, blogger. Granted, he should know a few things about looking good, and he certainly makes a regular fantastic effort. Don’t be surprised to see a full feature on him some day soon! In the meantime, follow him on instagram here, and see his street-style snaps here. xx

LFW – Velsvoir x Library Party

velsvoir library party tsb blog

What a delight to see the Talha and Zak Timol again at the Velsvoir x Library Party. The Timol brothers are the creative force behind London/Dubai luxury accessory label Velsvoir, and they recently teamed up with new Private members club Library to create as set of dashing uniforms for the Library staff, channeling traditional British Dany with sharp modern tailoring, as is the Velsvoir way. If in doubt of their signature, simply behold their impeccable style, from razor sharp suits to flawless details of bow-ties (red pony and stingray in this case), pocket squares, chains, shoes (Galet), specs, hair – nothing is left un-groomed, to chance, to thoughtlessness. And the fruits of their ever-present sartorial labour are forever a delight to take in. These gentlemen know not only how to present a good outfit, but a whole package of dashing style, from faultless manners to dapper aesthetics and beyond. Its impossible not to be completely smitten with their fabulousness.


The King of Soho

king of soho tsd blog

Meet the King of Soho. This gentleman rocks the socks. He is a Soho staple and you will never see him in anything less than a suit, bow-tie, lapel-blossom, pocket square, fancy shoes and hat. He gets dressed up to go out the door – full stop. I love the discipline of it, the gentlemanly dapperness and swag he exudes, always, without fail. It’s his code to live by, and he has my full respect and adoration. He makes my day every time i spot him at one of the coffee shops. It leaves me with a big fat smile on my face.