Yu Masui at Belstaff during LCM

yu masui lcm

Fashion Month is soon upon us once more, so why not lead up to it with a look back at Men’s Fashion Week just gone?

One of the greatest pleasures was to bump into fashion journalist Yu Masui at Belstaff during LCM.

I’ve been happily following his intstagram posts for some time, and am thus a big fan of his sartorial choices.

Always a bit kooky, mixing and matching with apparent effortlessness, he’s sure brighten up the streets wherever he may find himself!

Cant wait to see what ‘Yu is wearing’ at LFW xxx

Glamorous Streetstyle at Pause Online / LCM

pause couple lcm blog

What a pleasure to run into the impeccably turned out Vee and Gary at the Pause Online event during LCM.

But what else can you expect from  professional MUAs.

What a perfect example of nailing glamorous streetstyle, by adding the right accessories, and – well, lets face it, faces…natural beauty would be the most coveted of all ‘accessories’, no?

Also, I have major blue hat envy, and I’m secretly wondering what Vee wants us to swear on…


Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell

stylesiblings lfw tsd

Long have I wanted to illustrate these Supersiblings, these Stylesiblings,

Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell.

I had the pleasure of meeting them at the Velsvoir presentation during LCM in January, and promised an illustration.

Then I spotted them looking too fabulous for words during LFW.

And somehow my reference photos of them have turned out terrible.

Like, really terrible.

So I have helped myself to an image by Dapper Lou in order to complete the task, I hope you don’t mind Mr Lou.

The designer/style consultant sister and brother lead the way in Modern Dapper, pure Dandy and Dandyzette,

and I cant wait to see what they’ll be wearing come next LCM/LCF.

And how much do I lust after her HAT?!?

A lot.


Tahmina Begum

tahmina begum lfw bog

The vibrantly gorgeous Tahmina Begum has a style I thoroughly adore, every time I see this raven-head beauty I feel instantly aesthetically fulfilled. Well done this girl, well done. Tahmina co-edits XXY Magazine, and blogs over at Maximalistmina – check them both out for sartorial and general aesthetic inspo. This illustration is from when I bumped into her at LFW in Feb, and her outfit is everything I love; a bit of kooky, a lot of playful, most pretty. She is the queen of championing up-and-coming design, and this outfit features Phiney Pet sequin tasseled jacket and Cassandra Verity Green wave top/skirt, two designers I have now fallen head over heals for! Always accessorising to perfection (note the gorge hand jewellery, choker/cherry necklace and eye-heart sticker), and occasionally joining me in the eye-dot makeup = more reasons to be even more partial to her charms. Can’t wait to meet up with this lady soon to see what she’ll be wearing xx

LFW Day One Streetstyle

larry tee blog

Finally I’ve managed to get at least two outfits done for you guys, two fabulous representatives of the LFW day one Streetstyle fest that took place friday 20th Feb. One outfit from the legendary and I must say very charming Larry Tee, of New York music and club scene fame. Larry also runs a fashion brand called Tzuji, and the latest collection called, deftly, Electro Clash (the musical genre he named a few years back), is superbly covetable and i think this jumper, which is everything,  has just gone to the top of my (and every stylist around’s) wish list.

warrior hair and fur coat blog

Then we have the fabulous fashion students Lydia and Maddie who’s looks simply rocks the socks. I mean, the hair. The coat. The Red or Read x Ashley williams shoes. Bravo girls. Bra-Vo.