Fashion Month Withdrawal

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When the weather gets really cold, and the Uggs start appearing, and the crowds prioritise warmth over style (why you have to choose one of the two baffles me. One is allowed to combine, is all I’m saying), I start to really miss Fashion Month. So here is a little reminder from Jean Paul Gaultier that despite the weather, there is a golden glow of attitude, glamour, playfulness and fabulousness to be found, it just takes a little more effort. I urge you all to make that effort and sprinkle some glamour and style back onto the otherwise bleak streets and pavements xx

Objects of Desire

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It had to happen, sooner or later, that I added a category of objects. Objects of desire. And it happened rather quickly. It makes sense I suppose, because style is about aesthetics, and being a bonafide aestheti-file, it is impossible to limit my appreciation only to outfits. I have to include, in this blog, design objects I consider mind-blowingly delicious. I cling to the opinion that good design is always an honest and beautiful manifestation of the designer’s personality and view of the world, and believing that this is true, I would love to meet the creator of the gems fetured in this post’s illustration. His style makes me swoon!

So without further ado: Behold the genius that is Andres Gallardo. His delicate yet beautifully bold porcelain creations have captured my heart, and I lust after almost every piece he has ever created. But mostly I lust after the Lion and Leopard bags, I have never seen anything like it before, and I think it is pure genius. It speaks to all my aesthetic happy-triggers. One day they will both be mine, Oh yes they will.

The Style Devil

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Let me introduce you to the Norwegian hotness that is Marianne Theodorsen, aka The Style Devil, photographer/blogger over at The Style Devil and Rodeo

Her laid back style is both fierce and feminine, structured and casual, with an occasional tongue-in-cheek attitude sprinkled on top like a luscious cherry. Blonde, pink, silver, espresso, – her hair is always a gorgeous feature, along with her glorious collection of arm-ink and rings (fingers/septum/ears). You’ll find her on the prowl in NYC/Milan/London/Oslo/Copenhagen/Stockholm/Paris snapping away at fabulous outfits, and her eye for detail is flawless. Her style is her personality, her interests, her life – and I never tire of spying at what she wears and what she photographs.