Immodesty Blaize at the LFW PPQ party

YES! Its that glorious time of year again – LFW and all the glorious beauty it has to bring.

Now for the first time since setting up this blog, hunting for beautiful people and outfits to illustrate, I find myself star-struck. Who do I bump into other than the simply and utterly DIVINE Immodesty Blaize at the LFW PPQ party!!!!!

In the dim lighting I didn’t even recognise her, other than the fact that she was the most beautiful and glamorous woman there, so when I innocently asked for her Instagram tag after having taken a reference photo, the words ‘@immodestyblaize’ seemed to linger for an eternity in my stunned mind, and all I could gracefully reply was ‘oh! its you!’. Smooth. My sincere apologies Miss Blaize, it’s just that you represent all that I think worth while in this world, that’s all. What a humble honour to be able to illustrate your gorgeous self, and thanks for the oodles of glamour you bring us xx

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Objects of Desire

andres gallardo for tsd blog

It had to happen, sooner or later, that I added a category of objects. Objects of desire. And it happened rather quickly. It makes sense I suppose, because style is about aesthetics, and being a bonafide aestheti-file, it is impossible to limit my appreciation only to outfits. I have to include, in this blog, design objects I consider mind-blowingly delicious. I cling to the opinion that good design is always an honest and beautiful manifestation of the designer’s personality and view of the world, and believing that this is true, I would love to meet the creator of the gems fetured in this post’s illustration. His style makes me swoon!

So without further ado: Behold the genius that is Andres Gallardo. His delicate yet beautifully bold porcelain creations have captured my heart, and I lust after almost every piece he has ever created. But mostly I lust after the Lion and Leopard bags, I have never seen anything like it before, and I think it is pure genius. It speaks to all my aesthetic happy-triggers. One day they will both be mine, Oh yes they will.