Tahmina Begum

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The vibrantly gorgeous Tahmina Begum has a style I thoroughly adore, every time I see this raven-head beauty I feel instantly aesthetically fulfilled. Well done this girl, well done. Tahmina co-edits XXY Magazine, and blogs over at Maximalistmina – check them both out for sartorial and general aesthetic inspo. This illustration is from when I bumped into her at LFW in Feb, and her outfit is everything I love; a bit of kooky, a lot of playful, most pretty. She is the queen of championing up-and-coming design, and this outfit features Phiney Pet sequin tasseled jacket and Cassandra Verity Green wave top/skirt, two designers I have now fallen head over heals for! Always accessorising to perfection (note the gorge hand jewellery, choker/cherry necklace and eye-heart sticker), and occasionally joining me in the eye-dot makeup = more reasons to be even more partial to her charms. Can’t wait to meet up with this lady soon to see what she’ll be wearing xx

LFW Day One Streetstyle

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Finally I’ve managed to get at least two outfits done for you guys, two fabulous representatives of the LFW day one Streetstyle fest that took place friday 20th Feb. One outfit from the legendary and I must say very charming Larry Tee, of New York music and club scene fame. Larry also runs a fashion brand called Tzuji, and the latest collection called, deftly, Electro Clash (the musical genre he named a few years back), is superbly covetable and i think this jumper, which is everything,  has just gone to the top of my (and every stylist around’s) wish list.

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Then we have the fabulous fashion students Lydia and Maddie who’s looks simply rocks the socks. I mean, the hair. The coat. The Red or Read x Ashley williams shoes. Bravo girls. Bra-Vo.


Immodesty Blaize at the LFW PPQ party

YES! Its that glorious time of year again – LFW and all the glorious beauty it has to bring.

Now for the first time since setting up this blog, hunting for beautiful people and outfits to illustrate, I find myself star-struck. Who do I bump into other than the simply and utterly DIVINE Immodesty Blaize at the LFW PPQ party!!!!!

In the dim lighting I didn’t even recognise her, other than the fact that she was the most beautiful and glamorous woman there, so when I innocently asked for her Instagram tag after having taken a reference photo, the words ‘@immodestyblaize’ seemed to linger for an eternity in my stunned mind, and all I could gracefully reply was ‘oh! its you!’. Smooth. My sincere apologies Miss Blaize, it’s just that you represent all that I think worth while in this world, that’s all. What a humble honour to be able to illustrate your gorgeous self, and thanks for the oodles of glamour you bring us xx

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The Crowd at the Velsvoir Presentation during LCM

The Velsvoir presentation at LCM 15 was, as mentionned previously, a sincere pleasure, as always. The boys presented a collection that took on more texture and patterns, and it felt like a smooth and natural progression. Bravo indeed.

Now, the thing that always strikes me about their events is that the crowd is fantastically friendly and social, and you want to stay past your planned exit time. Too many fashion week parties are full of – lets be honest – slightly pretentious crowds, poor drinks, lighting that makes you struggle to recognise even your best friend next to you, and music volumes that renders any form of conversation futile. Maybe Im getting old, -perhaps i always was – but i like to mingle at these things, and in order to do so i need to be able to see and hear…And Im happy to report that every single Velsvoir event is a pure joy to attend. I always leave with a host of new delightful aquaintances and an even greater admiration for the designer trio. I can’t wait for the next one.

Below is a small collection of some of the quality human beings i had the pleasure to meet, cudos to you all xx

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The gorgeous Jeffery Scott, MUA extraordinaire, and Aiyla & Alex – the most beautifully tattooed models you’ll ever meet

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The superstylish and supertalented boys from Rough Copy
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And last but nnot least, Sarah Mulindwah,  the stylist, and woman – full stop, with London’s best hair, and flawless sense of style.


LCM Velsvoir AW15

Nothing spruces up a cold and bleak January like an influx of stylish men! It can only mean LC:M.

It was the usual glorious 4 days of jam-packed peacocking, and I will share with you some of my favourite outfits over the next week or so.

It may serve as a nice band-aid for the dapper-withdrawal we are all experiencing.

First on the list is the LCM Velsvoir AW15 presentation at the beautiful Edition hotel, fabulous as always, I love the direction this luxury/bespoke brand is taking.

Shawl collar double breasted waistcoats, what’s not to adore!?!

See more of the brand and their collection on their website and instagram


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Fashion Month Withdrawal

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When the weather gets really cold, and the Uggs start appearing, and the crowds prioritise warmth over style (why you have to choose one of the two baffles me. One is allowed to combine, is all I’m saying), I start to really miss Fashion Month. So here is a little reminder from Jean Paul Gaultier that despite the weather, there is a golden glow of attitude, glamour, playfulness and fabulousness to be found, it just takes a little more effort. I urge you all to make that effort and sprinkle some glamour and style back onto the otherwise bleak streets and pavements xx

The King of Soho

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Meet the King of Soho. This gentleman rocks the socks. He is a Soho staple and you will never see him in anything less than a suit, bow-tie, lapel-blossom, pocket square, fancy shoes and hat. He gets dressed up to go out the door – full stop. I love the discipline of it, the gentlemanly dapperness and swag he exudes, always, without fail. It’s his code to live by, and he has my full respect and adoration. He makes my day every time i spot him at one of the coffee shops. It leaves me with a big fat smile on my face.

I am The Style Drawer


I am a great admirer of someone who portrays true style, glamour and flamboyance, and I love love scanning the streets or the media for such gems, and sharing them with you. The traditional medium for a style blog is the photograph, it is the most accurate, and completely objective. But I’m a drawer at heart, and I love the feel of sharp pencils and plush pens against crisp paper. Style is also a truly personal expression, and by some, fabulous art is created. How we perceive art is also personal, subjective, and by illustrating the style gems that I come across, I can more easily share with you my own delight and appreciation, my own perception and experience.

So I will draw.

I am the Style Drawer.

I hope you enjoy, xxx