Yu Masui at Belstaff during LCM

yu masui lcm

Fashion Month is soon upon us once more, so why not lead up to it with a look back at Men’s Fashion Week just gone?

One of the greatest pleasures was to bump into fashion journalist Yu Masui at Belstaff during LCM.

I’ve been happily following his intstagram posts for some time, and am thus a big fan of his sartorial choices.

Always a bit kooky, mixing and matching with apparent effortlessness, he’s sure brighten up the streets wherever he may find himself!

Cant wait to see what ‘Yu is wearing’ at LFW xxx

Glamorous Streetstyle at Pause Online / LCM

pause couple lcm blog

What a pleasure to run into the impeccably turned out Vee and Gary at the Pause Online event during LCM.

But what else can you expect from  professional MUAs.

What a perfect example of nailing glamorous streetstyle, by adding the right accessories, and – well, lets face it, faces…natural beauty would be the most coveted of all ‘accessories’, no?

Also, I have major blue hat envy, and I’m secretly wondering what Vee wants us to swear on…


Highlights from the LCM Shows

London Collections: Men has been and gone.

And I miss it.

But here is a snippet of some of the LCM shows to keep us all going to LFW

Read full reviews of the shows over at XXY Magazine, where I am currently illustrator in residence


 belstaff blog


joshua kane blog

Joshua Kane

pause blog

Pause Online presents: Chelsea Bravo, Bianca Saunders, Calum Whitley, Ruth Peterson.

showroom blog

Showroom highlights: Modern English, CSB London, Rachel James

velsvoir blog


Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell

stylesiblings lfw tsd

Long have I wanted to illustrate these Supersiblings, these Stylesiblings,

Donya-Patrice and Martell Campbell.

I had the pleasure of meeting them at the Velsvoir presentation during LCM in January, and promised an illustration.

Then I spotted them looking too fabulous for words during LFW.

And somehow my reference photos of them have turned out terrible.

Like, really terrible.

So I have helped myself to an image by Dapper Lou in order to complete the task, I hope you don’t mind Mr Lou.

The designer/style consultant sister and brother lead the way in Modern Dapper, pure Dandy and Dandyzette,

and I cant wait to see what they’ll be wearing come next LCM/LCF.

And how much do I lust after her HAT?!?

A lot.